1)ARIES• •
Aries is a flIe sign, ruled by the energetic and competitive planet Mars. Aries is symbolized by two rams butting heads against each other. so Aries indicates a challenging, adventurous spirit. It is of ksauiya, or military. nature. It is also movable and thus confers a wandering spirit

2) TAURUS• . Taurus is an earth sign, fixed in nature, representative of the sudra or labor class. Ruled by sensuous Venus, this sign gives a virile. productive. artistic and stubborn nature. Its symbol is the bull.

3) GEMINI• . Gemini is an air sign, ruled by intellectual Mercury. It is symbolized by the pair of loyers and it is of vaisya or merchant caste. Persons with a Gemini influence are talkative, skilled in a variety of tasks. knowledgable and alluring in appearance or style.

4) CANCER . Cancer is a movable, watery sign. signifying an emotional and sensitive nature. It is brahminical or spiritual in nature. The symbol is the crab. which indicates attachment to household affairs and the tendency 10 complain. Rulership of this sign goes to the Moon.

5) LEO • Leo, like the first sign Aries, is fiery and military in nature. Its symbol, the lion, indicates an impressive appearance, showmanship and leadership ability, endurance, heroism. etc. Leo is fixed in nature. Mountainous and sunny places are connected with this sign. There is a nobility of the hean associated with it as well.

6) VIRGO - Virgo. like Taurus, is an earthy, worker's sign. Its symbol. the virgin, suggests purity of nature. Other Virgo ideas are craftsmanship, attention to detail, expressiveness. femininity, humor and other categories represented by Virgo's ruler, Mercury.

7) LIBRA : Libra is a movable, air sign of merchant caste. Ruled by Venus, it is symbolized by the scales, which indicates both a sense of justice or concern for the good of ali, and an ability to balance one's spiritual and material needs. Other qualities associated with this sign are good judgment, business sense, success in partnerships and the ability to examine and coordinate.

8) SCORPIO - Like Cancer, this is a watery, spiritual sign. yet it is fixed in nature. Being ruled by Mars gives it a sharp nature. Its symbol is the scorpion, indicating that one under Scorpio's influence is cruel. revengeful or critical. The desire for excitement and the seeker's mentality are also associated with this sign .

9) SAGITTARIUS - This is a fire sign indicative of a warrior. As it is ruled by Jupiter, however, it is also a holy sign representative of saints" or people who aim towards a high purpose.” The sign's symbol, the archer, suggests ambition, vigor and endeavor towards a particular goal .

10) CAPRICORN - Capricorn is a movable earth sign of laborer nature, ruled by Saturn. The symbol is the crocodile, which indicates that these people can live in low or unclean places while still commanding respect for their potencies. Saturn's influence indicates slowness of movement, depth of commiunent and power of influence.

11) AQUARIUS . Aquarius is an airy, fixed sign ruled by Saturn. It is symbolized by a woman carrying water pots, indicating that people born under this influence serve others or carry a burden. Aquarius generates interest in mystical things and an unstable or pleasantly eccentric character.

12) PISCES• This is a watery, brahminical sign ruled by pious Jupiter. Its symbol is the two fish swimming in opposite directions. Some ideas connected to this sign are intoxication, indecision, sacrifice and salvation.