Lakshmi mantras
Oṁ shrīṁ klīṁ lakshmī, nārāyanābhyāṁ namaha
Brings good fortune, wealth, health, beauty, abundance and peace.
Oṁ guṁ shrīṁ maha Lakshmiyei swāhā
Removes karmic obstacles related to abundance and attracts finances or prosperity.

Ganesha mantra
Oṁ guṁ Ganapatayai namaḥ
Removes mental and physical obstacles and ensures success in endeavours.
Heralds auspicious new beginnings and grants education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.
Destroys vanity, selfishness and pride.

Gayatri mantra
Oṁ bhūr bhuvah swāhā
Tat savitur vareñyam
Bhargo devasya dīmahi
Dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt (oṁ – swāhā)
Increases intelligence, concentration, memory, strength, intuition, inspiration and creative thinking.
Ensures success in endeavours, gives spiritual insight and brings enlightenment.

Maha mrityunjaya mantra
Oṁ tryambhakaṁ yajāmahe Sugandhiṁ puṣhṭi-vardhanam Urvārukamiva bandhanan Mṛityor mukshīya māmṛtāt …swāhā
Creates peace and contentment and wards off fear, sorrow and depression. Destroys anger, selfishness and vengeful thoughts and removes sins and bad karma. Bestows life-giving energy and rejuvenates the mind and body to ensure a long and fulfilling life. Blesses one with good health and has great curative power during ill health. Ensures spiritual and material wealth and helps one attain Moksha or enlightenment. Guards against untimely death and provides protection from accidents and mishaps.

Dhanvantre mantra
Oṁ dhaṁ Dhanvantaraye namaha
Helps find an appropriate physician or practitioner for guidance during health problems.
Helps find the best path to healing or best resolution to a medical problem.

Kubera mantra
Ha Sa Ka La E I La Hrīṁ
Ha Sa Ka La E I La Hrīṁ
Helps attain great wealth that, once achieved, will be self-sustaining.
Safeguards money